About YPHOS Studio

YPHOS (ύφος) — [pronounced EE-fōs] — translates loosely from Greek as “style”, but in the Byzantine Chant tradition it carries much deeper significance. Yphos suggests a deep reverence for oral tradition, learning from practitioners of past generations, and participating in something larger than oneself. Yphos does not exist in isolation; it draws its power from community and shared experience.

YPHOS Voice Studio was founded in 2019 by professional cantor Photini Downie Robinson of Cappella Romana in response to the unique needs of chanters, clergy, and the diverse array of Orthodox Christian liturgical musicians. In addition to the fundamentals of healthy singing, she addresses topics such teamwork, confidence, diplomacy, and the politics of change. When we offer our gifts in prayer as opposed to performance, spiritual care becomes a critical element of good singing. Photini, a professional singer and seminary student, will put you at right at ease. She will provide the practical tools you need to sing your best, expand your musical and ecclesiastical vocabulary, and participate more fully in the liturgical life of your parish.

Discover how to draw upon your own artistry and musicianship while cultivating a spirit of service and humility. Learn the art of collaboration, the questions to ask, and how to advocate for the vocal and spiritual health of your music ministry.

Photini has 25 years of experience as a soloist and professional ensemble artist. Whether you are a beginning student, a seasoned professional, or anywhere in between, she can help you refine your skills to better serve your parish.